The January 2014 edition of Guitar Player included a 6 page review of the Takamine Pro Series guitars. The article is reproduced by permission of Guitar Player.

Excerpt: Takamine P1D, P3MC, P4DC, P6JC, and P7DC

Takamine has been making fine guitars for over 50 years now, and the company has certainly come a long way since its beginnings in 1959 as a small, family-owned instrument-making shop in the Japanese town of Sakashita. Named for mount Takamine, which towered above the original factory, the company over the years has been an innovator in acoustic guitar technology, developing such things as the Palathetic under-saddle pickup, quickly replaceable preamp modules, and laser cut inlays. Takamine has also created signature models for players such as Steve Wariner, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, John Jorgensen, and Glenn Frey.

This lineup of acoustic-electrics presents five of Takamine’s latest models, which range in price from $949 to $2,899. We evaluated these guitars on the basis of their construction, playability, and acoustic and amplified sound. For the latter, we tested the guitars though an AER Compact 60, an UltraSound CP100, and a ZT Lunchbox Acoustic.

Download the entire review here: Guitar Player Pro Series Review

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