Thank You Lance Allen


The day Takamine Guitars associated itself with award winning fingerstyle guitarist Lance Allen was a good day. The Takamine brand has benefited greatly from the innovative composer and teacher from Kentucky who has demonstrated like no other the suitability of…

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Jorgenson and Davis Bring the Heat

dv Brad JJ

Grammy winning guitarists John Jorgenson and Brad Davis, armed with two brand new and previously unplayed Takamine prototypes, stepped aboard the KMC Acoustic Stage at the 2014 NAMM show and proceeded to deliver serious flat-picking heat. As anyone fortunate enough…

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Guitar Player Reviews Takamine Pro Series


The January 2014 edition of Guitar Player included a 6 page review of the Takamine Pro Series guitars. The article is reproduced by permission of Guitar Player. Excerpt: Takamine P1D, P3MC, P4DC, P6JC, and P7DC TESTED BY THE GUITAR PLAYER…

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