Chesney’s Debuts Video on USA Today


‘When I See This Bar’, the video for Kenny Chesny’s latest single from his critically acclaimed album Life on a Rock was recently released, and not surprisingly it guest-stars an assortment of Takamines. It’s somewhat fitting that the video which…

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Von Grey’s Backseat Cover Series


In the wake of appearances on Letterman, Conan and live performances at SXSW, Common Ground, Gateway of Vibes, Bonnaroo and a long line of venues across the country,  that ‘little ole sister’ band from Atlanta, ‘Von Grey’ continues to heat…

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Takamine Featured on ‘The Voice’ Finale


It was the beginning of Season 4 of The Voice and the Swon Brothers from team Blake were in need of a reliable acoustic that sounded great live. When Zach Swon learned that Bob Seger had recently purchased nine new…

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‘History of the Eagles’ Tour Launched July 6


Inspired by their critically acclaimed documentary The History of the Eagles, Glen Frey, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmitt and Joe Walsh launched a largely acoustic tour by the same name that we hear will feature Takamines from one end of…

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