Brian Spradlin and Tak Tour With Easton Corbin


Guitarist, vocalist and longtime Tak player Brian Spradlin has always been known for his a great ear. Years ago we introduced Brian to an early prototype of the Cool Tube preamp knowing that the side-man deluxe from Texas could dial…

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Lennon and Maisy


A couple of months ago, 12 year old Lennon Stella and her 8 year old sister Maisy, armed with only 2 empty butter containers and their angelic sibling harmonies, sat before a video camera at home and performed Robyn/Eratos’ “Call…

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Striking Matches Pays Tribute to Patsy Cline


The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum is paying tribute to the iconic Patsy Cline with a biographical exhibit, and Takamine artists ‘Striking Matches’ were chosen as musical guests to help kick off the 10 month run. The guitar wiz…

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