So much more than just a “direct inject” device, this unit is designed with the features musicians count on to enhance their performance. This device is just as at home in the studio as it is on stage.

Included in the Acoustic DI+ are such useful features as balanced and unbalanced outputs, a buffered output, footswitchable effects send and return with adjustable loop return gain, a 12db input pad, ground lift, mute switch function and a footswitchable boost control that is adjustable up to 10db which players will find incredibly useful when it is time to take a solo.

The Acoustic DI+ also provides a wonderful service to players that own Takamine Cool Tube® powered guitars by featuring a power source that will eliminate the need for batteries in the preamp.

The Takamine Acoustic DI+ will benefit players of any instrument, acoustic or electric and give them greater flexibility in their signal chain.



Series: Preamps
MSRP: $299.99
Color: N/A